Not in the mood while your partner is? – Tips to feel the same way

It is okay to not be in a mood sometimes. But what if your partner wants to make things sizzling in the bed? If you really want her to stay happy and in the mood, you have to turn yourself on and get down and dirty to set the night on fire.


If you are clueless about what to do in this situation and looking forward to finding solutions, you can always depend on the following ways to make things hot and happening between you two.

Look out for options that make you feel sexy


Watching a few sexy things has never done badly for anyone. You too have the option where you can ignite your feelings by indulging in something sexy. Watching something seductive would comfortably set you in the mood rather than pressurizing you as well as feel the pleasure without stress.

Spend time in the foreplay


We know that you are not in the mood but you can buck up with your partner in the foreplay. You can take this opportunity and let your partner take the command of the foreplay and be the submissive one. This way you’d get the feeling and the time to get into the mood.

Ask your partner to wear a sexy lingerie and you should to do the same


The idea of sexy underwear is exactly what lingerie for women have. They intend to make you look, feel and tempt the partner. You can suggest your partner wear something extremely sexy and you should wear men’s erotic underwear to feel the same. According to psychology, a man’s mind works in accordance to what is visible to him and a women’s when she’s able to touch. If your partner comes out in a skimpily clad lingerie and touches you the right way, things will fall into place.

Play sexual with your partner


Getting straight to the point won’t help you, beating around the bush would. You need to have some costume underwear and indulge doing role plays. This would help you get teased, tempted and tantalized by everything you both are doing and voila, you’ll turn on. This way, you’ll be able to feel close to each other and add zest in your relationship.

Food tasting with the blindfold on


Another couple game that is considered as an aphrodisiac for individuals. All you got to do is – blindfold each other (not at once, but one would be able to see), start feeding food items that are sexual simulators. You can feed berries, avocados, chocolate syrup and everything that they love. You can even pep up by being naughty and feeding a pepper when the chilly start to do its work, you can bend in and indulge in kissing.

Which way did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments below.


Fashion Tips: How to be Casually Dapper?

Dressing casually can be a cakewalk for some but, difficult for the corporate kings who are submerged into their laptops. It’s not their fault though, it’s their dedication and responsibilities that are lined up in the row. Eventually, when it comes to dressing up for a date or a dinner, they wear the best formals which can be a fashion disaster. However, no worries guys! This blog is all about the simple fashion hacks that can help you to add some spice to your style statement. Read on to find out.

Basic things to consider

Shopping is an essential factor here but, relax, I assure that it would be budget friendly as well. So, before you start shopping, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Below are some of them.

1. No need to copy anyone

You feel confident and handsome when you dress up according to your own style. There is no need to copy anyone. For instance, a person can feel cool and comfortable in skinny jeans but, it is not necessary that you also feel the same about it. You can go for normal denim that suits your personality.


2. Comfort is the main key

Don’t go by the look of the attire. Ensure to check the fabric and quality of the cloth so that it keeps you cozy for the day.

3. Keep an eye on the fit

The attire should fit you well but, at the same time, it should not stick or squeeze you. This can make you feel uncomfortable. If you are not sure about the measurements then, hire a tailor so that, he can take care of the fit.


4. Colors can add some spice

Finding the right shades and color combination is the key when it comes to men’s fashion. Use colors that complement your skin tone and personality. Do the right mixing with the help of the color wheel.


Having discussed this, below are some of the tips that can effortlessly style up your wardrobe.

a. Bright Shirts

Opt for casual t-shirts instead of fully wrapped up formal shirts. V-neck t-shirt is a good idea, however, the neck should not be too deep to reveal your cleavage. It won’t leave a good impression about you. Instead, opt for polo’s that come with collars.


b. Decent bottoms

I know that you’ve got used to your formal pants but, a little bit change does no harm. Opt for chinos that can provide the formal and casual look together. The fit provided by these is just awe-striking that can deliver the”wow” you.


c. Cozy underwear

Men’s underwear style plays an equally important role. The more breathable your skin feels, the happier you look outside. Opt for see-through underwear for men that offers a heavenly breath to the assets to keep them sweat free. This men’s underwear can also act as a catalyst for special occasions if you have a hot dinner date planned for the evening.


d. Trendy footwear

Switch to sneakers and loafers instead of the oxfords. Accessorize your outfit with a right set of accessories like belts, sunglasses, and watches. Spray some perfume to create the head turning moments.


With the above tips, grooming is also important. Opt for good hair styles and beard styles to complete the look. The hacks ensures to bring out the fashionista in you. If you feel that something has been missed then, please comment on the section below.

Do you believe in tighty whiteys? Now you should!!

We all have grown up wearing the men’s briefs what was back then referred to as the tighty whiteys. Do you differ from this? The most probable another half you would have worn would be the men’s boxer brief underwear. Talking about the tighty whiteys in specific, the men’s underwear style was the most popular in that time. However, the times changed and the newer styles came into the picture trying to grab the spot which the briefs had but failed.

2xist Performance Cotton 2Pk No Show Brief Blue/Grey

Even today, the designs have changed, cuts have been improvised, pouch options have been increased in number and the possibilities to make the style a better one, making it still the most favorite among men.

What makes you believe in the conventionally modern briefs? Find out the reasons below.

The level of comfort has been enhanced

The modern version that makes you fall in love with the conventional briefs is the enhanced level of comfort below the belt. While the earlier style was considered to be more of a constrictive design, today’s offerings understand that too much pushy fabric is not good for the manhood.

The traditional support persists

What does not change in the products offered back then and now is the consistent level of support that briefs provide? The basic motive of the style was to give you ample support while you move around or go to work every day. The aim is to keep everything together down there and that’s exactly what the modern pieces also provide.

Enhancement has been added to the list

The conventional tighty whiteys were not designed to give you visibility in the pants. However, now briefs come in a variety of pouch options from the wide ones that provide exceptional comfort, contouring ones that shape up the shaft to the ones that have outlined piping to lift the package and inbuilt c-rings to enhance the visibility for the better.

Have come up as a fashion symbol

While that was the only option men had back then and wasn’t even adored by the population for the same reason, now things have changed. You would find stars like David Beckham, Justin Bieber and others flaunting their love for briefs. Hence, you too have the option to choose the same.

If you are thinking what’s hot and what not, you can check out the online stores and find the most eye-appealing pieces for yourself.

The only color guide you need for your wardrobe

It can get very tricky to choose the outfit from the closet. Things get worse when it comes to mix and match with the first clothing article you pick. For example, do you stand in front of the closet with your purple shirt in hand wondering what would best go with it? Likewise, there are numerous times when out of confusion, you make a wrong choice and have to bear the consequences later.

Color Board

If you too are confused about what to match with what and how to make the swaps this time, this is the ultimate guide for your easy selection and making you a master at it.

Keep it in the same category

Have you ever referred to the color wheel before? Who hasn’t, you might say. Going further – have you ever studied and implemented the color rules mentioned on the color wheel? Never heard of that before! If you take a closer look at the wheel, you’ll find the different colors and then there’ll be colors opposite to every family. You just have to stick with the families. For example, a pastel would always go with a pastel, a metallic with a metallic and more.

Go ombre


Have you heard of ombre? It was a trend that recently was introduced where women were dying their hair in half blonde and half some other color? They even used the pop colors like teal, pink, yellow and more. You too must do something like that. You can pick let’s say purple, now you can pick the different hues of the same family and wear it effortlessly. Make sure that you choose the right ones or you’ll look weird.

Decide the prints carefully

Printed Shirt

When you match the color codes of your outfit, you have to be very careful with the prints you choose (if any). Earlier in the month, I attended a closed group seminar where fashion accessories were being discussed. A man in thong came on stage with a matching printed tie. Everyone laughed out loud and then the person talking went on saying that if you really want to wear print with your solid, you can even do it with your men’s underwear. Because you never know how you team up the same on the outfits.

Go old school with neutral colors


The aim here is to stick with one color. Just like we mentioned that one print can be added at once to your solid outfit, you must also make sure that there’s one neutral color. It will add sophistication and subtlety to your personality.

Pick something that blends in with your complexion


Complexion plays a vital role when it comes to matching the outfit colors. You must be aware of what suits your skin tone and what does not. Hence, it’ll be feasible for you to take your personality into concern and bring forth the best of yourself by choosing colors that blend in well. However, if you really want to pep up going against your skin tone, you can always do it in your designer underwear.

Are you satisfied with this blog? We hope you find it easy to pick your clothes now effortlessly.

5 Accessories that complement your Personality

Many of us think that there are comparatively less number of accessories for men when compared to women. This statement has been proved entirely wrong by the fashion industry. They justified that men’s fashion accessories are equally important when it comes to presenting the overall personality. Below mentioned are some of the add-ons that can put on some spice to your dressing style. Scan on to know about them.


When you roll up the sleeves of your shirt, it adds a pinch of hotness to your personality. However, the sleeves might seem dull when you do not enhance them. Fill up the empty space by grabbing a classy watch. This is in the case of an informal attire. However, rolling up your sleeves in a formal attire is not required.

Mens Watches.jpg

A watch elegantly puts forward your personality from a common man to a gentleman. So, it’s worth investing in the branded ones that deliver a good charisma. Opt for the variety of colors, strap materials according to your skin complexion.



Cufflinks are one of the good add-ons to the formal attires. They have the ability to deliver a high-profile status. Well, an important point to note here is, it also depends on the type of cufflinks that you will be donning. There are many varieties that range from the wooden made ones to Burberry signature style which includes sparkling stones. Grab the right ones to add a pinch of royalty to your personality.



Nothing stands superior to a pair of sunglasses. They are one of the flawless components that can accentuate your charm. Other than the style factor, it also protects your eyes from the dust and the harmful effects of the UV rays.

Men’s Underwear

Agacio Extraordinary Brief Grey.jpg

You must be wondering that why underneath apparels are being included over here? It is because they matter a lot when it comes to your basic comfort below the belt. Whether it’s the men’s low rise underwear or the conventional brief underwear, you must make sure that you wear something breathable and comfortable down there.



Having a colorful cartoon wallet can be fine in a high-school. However, once you’ve grown up, they become inappropriate for business meetings, dates or casual outings. So, ensure to grab a good looking wallet that can hold your things in a nice way. Many brands offer purses in leathers and other royal fabrics that delivers an impressive look. Surf online to get one of them at cheap prices.

Above are some of the must accessories that every man should own. Hope you enjoyed reading the article. If you feel that anything has been missed, please leave your comments on the section below.

The first steps to Erotic Underwear- How to do them right?

“My goal is to build a wardrobe that defines me inside out.”


It isn’t easy for every guy to switch from the conventional men’s underwear to the ones that are highly specialized for different occasions. It is easier for the regular guys to move towards sexy underwear, but jumping straight to something like men’s erotic underwear might be a little difficult.

Good Devil SLip Thong

However, there’s always a first time to do something, experience something, own something that you never thought you’d ever have. Now is the time to change your underneath experience by having something that will change how you feel below the belt forever.

If you too are looking forward to experiencing something like this, go on and find the steps to do it right or else, you’ll regret it.

Make up your mind

The very first thing has to be making up your mind for something so revealing and hot. Switching isn’t as easy as it sounds but if you have a firm determination, you’d be able to do it successfully. Think about it, take your time and think about the same again. Once you’ll be clear in your head, move on to the next step.

Pick your style

The next big step is to pick which style would you like to slip into. When it comes to erotic pieces, the options available would include male thongs, fashionable jocks, g-string underwear for men and bikinis that don’t let you feel any less with see-through properties. You also have the option to choose costumes, harnesses and other accessories that belong in the same category.

Give it time to adjust with you

Now, we’ll assume that you’ve already bought the pair and it has been delivered to you. So, now is the time when you wear it for the first time. Wear it when you’re alone and you can roam around in that pair. Give it time to adjust with your male anatomy or probably you should give time to your junk to adjust with the new style. Bend, jump, lie down, walk and do whatever you want to figure out that you’ve bought the right size.

Rock it

Now, you are ready to sport it wherever you intended to sport it. Whether it is for your date night, or for your own pleasure, you are prepared to show off what you’ve got below the belt.

Try them on and do give your feedback in the comments below.

#NopainNogain – Tips for the Gym Workout

Gymming is the toughest route to a well-toned body. We would have seen many bodybuilders or great trainers around the world. Sometimes, I just sit back and imagine “How the hell do they develop their body? I also workout for hours, but I don’t see any improvement on my side!” And that’s when one of my friend, who also comes to the same gym made me realize my mistakes in the gym. Additionally, he also gave me some tips, which I’m going to share it with you guys. Read on to find out.

1. Tone up your treadmill

Tone up your treadmill

Before you jump to the highest number and start running, grab some of the handy exercises to warm up your body. It prepares the body for exercises by gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation. It also loosens the joints and increases blood flow to the muscles. Small stretches, shoulder presses, and extensions can help you in such cases.

2. Intensify your push-ups


I was doing my push-ups wrong the entire gym life, till my friend noticed it. Then my friend showed me something on YouTube where Keli Roberts, a trainer from Los Angeles, advised “From standing position, bend down, put your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart, and jump your feet back into plank position. If you’re strong, cross your ankles, otherwise, jump your feet wide apart. Do a push-up, then jump your feet together or uncross your ankles. Jump your feet back to your hands and stand up. Do eight reps total, rest for one minute, and repeat.”

3. Maximize your crunches


Sometimes while doing crunches we tend to relax our abs as we lower our chest away from the knees. However, by doing so we get only half of the benefit. Try sustaining the contraction down to get the best results. It can be difficult at first but yes practice makes a man perfect.

4. Improve your focus


That doesn’t mean that you have created a diet plan or timetable and start following. This one is different. While performing isolation exercises like curls, overhead triceps extensions, and lateral raises we tend to stand and do them. Next time, try doing them while seated. Sitting will help ensure you aren’t using any momentum to help fuel the movement, like swinging your arms back and forth with each biceps curl. You’ll immediately find that you’re able to focus far more effectively on performing a slow, controlled movement.

5. Concentrate on small things as well

This is the general rule book that many of us fail to follow. Right from clothing to eating habits, each of them has special rules and regulations that we need to follow. The below guide can help you.

6. Keep yourself hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking water during exercise as well as before and after to promote proper hydration and in order to replace water loss through sweating at a similar rate to that at which it is lost.

7. Wear proper breathable clothes

Breathable Clothes

Gym attire is linked to casual attire, but there’s a line. Breathability depends on the type of the fabric that you don. Wear proper breathable clothes as they can help in fanning away your sweat to keep your comfortable.

8. Underwear is also important

Men's Underwear

Your manhood also needs proper breathability and comfort and sweat in the intimate parts can cause chafing. It can make you feel uncomfortable during the exercises. Move beyond the conventional underwear styles and give a try to Bikini’s for men that avoid you from such situations. This men’s underwear also comes in breathable fabrics like mesh that can help to fan away the sweat formed down there.

Above are some of the tips for the fitness freaks. Try them out and experience the little changes that take place in frequent time periods.

6 Basic but impressive etiquette for Men

“Etiquette is behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely important.” ~ Will Cuppy

Chivalry is not dead. The matter of fact is that people these days fail to understand the real meaning of the same. The very word chivalry and machismo are misunderstood by a dominating as well as controlling personality. Having the right set of manners is an essential aspect of having a charming as well as impressive personality. Being a classic man isn’t an easy task as there is a lot of aspect related to it. You can wear the best of the clothes and can still fail in leaving a successful first impression just because your etiquette isn’t strong enough. Here’s a few tips that can help you project your personality in the best light.


Tip 1

Manner is just a sensitive awareness of the feeling of others. Thus, it is important for you to mind your activities and the things you say. Your activity should not hurt the feeling of anyone around. Bullying and making fun of someone doesn’t make you cool. Treat everyone with politeness. Even if the person is being rude, you don’t have to be like him.

Tip 2

The way you speak contributes a lot to your overall personality. The man’s manner will have direct impact on your social and professional life. The first impression is really important and the way you talks as well as communication skills plays a very vital role. Be very clear about what you are saying. See right into the eyes of the person standing next to you. Along with this, a man should be a good listener. Give proper opportunity of talking to the person and carefully listen to everything.

Well Dressed Man

Tip 3

A well-dressed man can effortlessly win the heart of everyone around. To need to be in line with the current trend if you want to put up a class act. Gone are the days when the dressing of a man took the back seat. The modern trend has made it as important for the gentleman as it is for the ladies. Dressing according to the occasion is the first and foremost thing that you need to consider. You just can’t invite compliments in a casual attire at a formal event. Other than this, the way you carry your look is equally tricky. Choose the right set of accessories. Everything from the tie to the shoes should match the cloth. Along with the cloths, the undergarment is equally important. Choose the right pair of men’s underwear according to the event. Take care of the smallest things. For instance, avoid the visible seam line of the undergarment. You can try the seamless style of g-strings for men.

Tip 4

It is not just the attire that is important, but there are other aspect that projects an impressive etiquette of an individual. Any sort of odor can ruin the entire impression of an individual. Thus, wearing the right fragrance of men’s cologne that lasts long is important. Make sure that the perfume is not very strong. Use mouth freshener and things of this sort. Bathe well before your leave home. A gentleman who smells good is definitely a turn on.

Tip 5

As mentioned above, respecting the independence of a woman is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean that you have to forget the basic chivalry. The lady with you can be your wife, girlfriend, mother or just a good friend, pampering her is just a part of the gentlemanly behavior. Open the door of the car and pull the chair for her. This attitude will only be appreciated by everyone around.

Tip 6

No matter what, avoid being a foul mouth. Using curse words is fun when you’re with your friends. However, being harsh with your words is something that men should avoid. Your manner is the mirror of your own personality. There is no chance of projecting an impressive personality with foul mouth.

Hope this write up would have helped you in making the necessary wardrobe swaps and behavioral changes for being a true gentleman! Is there anything that we’ve missed? Do share with us in the comment section.

Want Compliments? Start your Day like this!

The first few minutes of morning determines how your entire day will be. The usual timetable follows waking up at the sound of your mobile alarm, putting it back to snooze and then again waking up late, rushing to the washroom to get ready. In the mean course, you also miss your breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. So, Ad mist this battle, have you ever tried a different way to start your day? Have you ever received compliments for the day? Here are five ways to start your morning better while kicking bad habits that destroy good sleep hygiene.

1. Avoid snoozing up the alarm clock

When you set the alarm for the previous night, place your mobile phone far away from you and not near your bed. In such cases, you have to wake up from your bed, walk to the mobile to switch off the noise. From there make a habit of going straight away to the washroom and not back to the bed.

2. Swap out to lemon water instead of coffee

In spite of numerous no. of blogs and articles on how coffee can affect our health adversely, we still stick to it. It is because we believe that the first sip of coffee touches our soul and brings energy to run throughout the day. To be frank, it is just a mind game. Switch to lemon water instead which can help you to be active throughout the day. Train your brain in the same way like you trained it 20 years ago that coffee will give you energy for the entire day. Make it understand that you have to drink lemon water instead of coffee.

3. Indulge in physical activities

No worries, if you are not able to go out and walk or jog. Instead, you can try simple stretchable exercises at home. Opt for crunches, push-ups or even yoga where you have to stretch your body. Physical activities as such can help you to feel bulky.

4. Have a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal of the entire day. Have a healthy breakfast for the day.  Include proteins to make you full so that you don’t feel hungry unnecessarily in between. Unnecessary hunger can make you crave for junk food, which makes you more obese and lazy. Avoid situations as such. Eat fruits instead even if you are hungry. They can at least raise the minerals and calcium to your body.

5. Dress confidently

Yes! Of course. The dressing is also important for the good day. Dress nicely, wear ironed shirts and pants to look smart. Go for bright colors rather than the dull ones. Don’t even spare the underneath fashion. Many men’s underwear fashion like the men’s erotic underwear, as they offer enough breathability to your genitals and allow you to feel cool and relaxed down there. And most important of all, wear your smile as compulsorily.

So, I hope by now, you probably would have known which morning habits you aren’t following. Focus on them to receive compliments throughout the day.

Why should you own a pair of sheer underwear?

Men’s underneath fashion has developed rapidly in the past few years. Very few men are sill prefer the conventional style of plain white briefs. Others have taken a step forward to experience the difference in the underneath fashion. Fabrics are one such category which has contributed itself to the development of the industry. Earlier it was just cotton, but now there are numerous options. One of the rapidly popularizing fabric is sheer. Below blog justifies the reason on why should own at least one piece of sheer underwear.

Men's Sheer Underwear

1. The Featherweight material

This fabric is so soft and lightweight that you can barely feel the touch of the cloth down there. They are treated with materials that include cotton, polyamide or polyester, spandex. The pairs are quite light in weight to carry throughout the day or for vacations.

2. See through vision

This naughty men’s underwear provides a see-through appeal down there. They provide a glimpse of something that is hidden which can pull your partner closer to you. They can effortlessly raise the temperature of your room and add zest to the sexy moods.

3. Support it offers

Since the manhood has no bone, so it tends to drool all the time. As a result, the apparel styles chosen by men are supportive. However, the respective fabric is combined spandex to gain the support that it must provide to the male shaft.

4. Provides a steamy sex appeal

When something provides a gauzy appeal, it automatically raises the sex appeal. Whether its just the sides made out of sheer or the pouch itself, it is anytime sexier than the fully wrapped up assets. So in a nutshell, in case you choose the complete see through briefs underwear or the sheer thong underwear for men, it is worth the effort.

With such fascinating benefits, grabbing one of them is definitely a wise idea. You can shop these at the online stores of