Men’s Personalities that Women Don’t Like

You might have numerous qualities that make you a man that she would fall for but there are few things that turn off women instantly. You might already be in a relationship with her and your bond is going just fine, but there’ll be a moment when she goes cold and doesn’t seem to come out of it.

This means there’s something that you’ve done that pinched her so bad that she couldn’t resist but notice it.

Men’s Personalities that Women Don’t Like

What are those characteristic traits? Let us look at the men’s personalities that women don’t like.

  • Insecure ones: This is the first and the scariest types that women stay away from. Whether he’s insecure about himself or for you, this can be a huge turn-off for women. Well, a little insecure is okay when you’re uncertain about new things but once you’re all set to go, this can be a big barrier between you and your partner. This happens because you never know when your insecurity becomes an obsession and hamper your lives.


  • Poky ones: When you are a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you own the other person. Every individual needs some personal space to breathe and have their own time. Women hate men who are poky all the time. Women love to tell things to their partners in time, neither before that nor after that. Hence, being poky won’t serve you any good, it would affect adversely on you both.


  • Unhygienic ones: Oh yes! Men can be really unhygienic when it comes to bathing or changing clothes. They’ll keep wearing the same pair of jockstrap for men or any other style of men’s underwear day after day even knowing that it is not good for health. This being only an example, there are other ways with which unhygienic habits turn off women.


  • Boring ones: Women love humorous men who can crack a joke on which other can share a laugh on. When you are an introvert and to top it off with being boring, nothing can be a disastrous combination. Even I have who are introverts but are not boring at all and I don’t even mean that nerds are boring but men who are boring have their specialties that women don’t like.


  • Touchy ones: You might not know that you lie in this category but men who are way too touchy and fidgety can be very irritating to women. Being sensual and touchy is a different feeling but being fidgety and touchy on a different level is something completely different.

Well, there might be other personality traits that women don’t like, if you have any do let us know here.