What makes Men’s Underwear Comfortable?

Whatever you wear- from the outfits to the most basic of clothing articles, comfort is by far the most important aspect of whatever is counted. What do you think? Does your style matters more or the enhancement? Well, you wouldn’t agree more that comfort beats every other characteristic feature when it comes to your men’s underwear. After all, your dressing starts down there and if you aren’t comfortable throughout the day, things will definitely fall apart.

Well, if you take a closer look, comfort is not what one gets with a single correct feature. It is more like a wholly perspective that clubs together a number of things and results in how you feel down there.

Otzi Men's Thong Underwear

So, what are the features which make a pair of designer underwear comfortable?

  • Fabric

The fabric had to be the first on the list because that’s the sole feature that falls directly on your skin. It is like the good fabric is as smooth as butter whereas; bad fabric would be like pricks of cacti. Jokes apart, what you need down there might not be very sensual but it definitely has to be comfortable on the assets.

  • Fit

It is as simple as-if it doesn’t fit you right, you sign up for an uncomfortable situation throughout the day. Whether it is the bikini underwear or your mens thong pouch underwear, they must fit you well. A fit too loose or too tight can be a problematic situation for your masculinity. It would either slip its way to the end or you’d end up adjusting the pouch to help your assets breathe.

  • Pouch

Another essential aspect of every fashion underwear style is the kind of pouch they’re opting for. With such a wide variety of options available at Erogenos, you have a lot to choose from. Whether you opt for the snug fit pouch or no pouch at all, c-ring enhancement pouch or anatomical ones, the list is endless. Whatever, you may choose, make sure you feel comfortable in them.

With these basic features, you need to understand and choose your underneath fashion well.


How to Bring back the Spice in your Relationship?

Date nights are the perfect way to create the best moments of your life. Nothing matches with a splendid dinner at home with your partner. You get more space and privacy. Spending time together always results in a good quality marriage. Add a little fun to your regular life with spicy ideas that can always refresh your mind even after a heated argument. Below are some ideas that you can follow for the splendid night at home.

  • Celebrate with champagne


Grab a nice champagne from the stores to make the night special. Decorate them with plus glasses, room temperature spring water, and unsalted crackers. Celebrate your relationship so far which has been strong despite many hurdles.

  • Play some romantic songs

salsa moves

Create a playlist of songs that you and your bae love to listen together. Get closer with the romantic numbers on the list. If you are a person who loves the peppy numbers, then you can even make cool salsa moves with her.

  • Create the atmosphere at room


Perfumed candles can bring a splendid atmosphere to your bedroom. Nothing beats the scent of a heavenly candle with the hypnotic flickering of a flame on a cozy night. The heavenly fragrance can raise the eroticism for the night.

  • Get naughty

Men's G-string Underwear

To make the moment more erotic, try something naughty. Dress in an appealing way that can bring your partner more closer to you. The lace up G string for men is crafted in such a way that they give you a voluptuous look. This men’s underwear has more ability to bring the lost excitement in your life. Have fun with the mischievous underwear from many online stores like erogenous.com.

Try some of these tips to make your girl feel special and lucky to have you.

5 Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary Date

5 Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary Date  Time flies fast when loved ones happen to be with us. As the years pass by, anniversaries reminds us of the beautiful years together. Moreover, it ends up with a romantic candle light dinner. For a change, this time, opt for innovative ideas to celebrate the special day together. Below 5 exciting ways that can assist the love birds to paint the town red this anniversary.

  • Summon up the memories of first date

First Date

Pay a visit to the same coffee shop or ice cream parlor, where the first started dating officially started. Refresh the lovely flashbacks on how you made to the aisle. If you happen to be the college love birds, whence prefer calling the mutual friends to rejuvenate the golden memories.

  • Recreate the wedding night menu

Cooking With Partner

Think of recipes that existed on the wedding night. Recreate the same with your spouse. Cook together in the kitchen with delightful hugs and cuddling. For a clarity, you can also bake your wedding cake.

  • Watch the wedding video together

Watching Wedding Video Together

Refresh the special day with the wedding video. Turn on the wedding film and watch all the cute moments that you had during the special day. Moreover, you can also go through the wedding photo albums.

  • Have your own personal photo shoot

Personal Photo Shoot

Hire a professional photographer to picture the best moments of your life. Ask them to make a list of some of the beautiful places around town. Moreover, opt for places that hold special meaning, perhaps try visiting the church where you got married. Ask the photographer to click your candid moments together.

  • Get naughty

Men's G-string Underwear

Gift him something more personal and intimate. There are different underwear styles for men. Opt for men’s low rise g-string for him. They happen to be designed for special occasions which can raise the temperature of your bedroom. They also come in different see-through fabrics which add zest to the sexy moods.

Apart form the above innovative ideas, you can try one more thing. Take the day off from work, turn off the cell phone, stop checking your email, and just spend some quality time together. Try some of these tips to celebrate your life together!