5 Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary Date

5 Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary Date  Time flies fast when loved ones happen to be with us. As the years pass by, anniversaries reminds us of the beautiful years together. Moreover, it ends up with a romantic candle light dinner. For a change, this time, opt for innovative ideas to celebrate the special day together. Below 5 exciting ways that can assist the love birds to paint the town red this anniversary.

  • Summon up the memories of first date

First Date

Pay a visit to the same coffee shop or ice cream parlor, where the first started dating officially started. Refresh the lovely flashbacks on how you made to the aisle. If you happen to be the college love birds, whence prefer calling the mutual friends to rejuvenate the golden memories.

  • Recreate the wedding night menu

Cooking With Partner

Think of recipes that existed on the wedding night. Recreate the same with your spouse. Cook together in the kitchen with delightful hugs and cuddling. For a clarity, you can also bake your wedding cake.

  • Watch the wedding video together

Watching Wedding Video Together

Refresh the special day with the wedding video. Turn on the wedding film and watch all the cute moments that you had during the special day. Moreover, you can also go through the wedding photo albums.

  • Have your own personal photo shoot

Personal Photo Shoot

Hire a professional photographer to picture the best moments of your life. Ask them to make a list of some of the beautiful places around town. Moreover, opt for places that hold special meaning, perhaps try visiting the church where you got married. Ask the photographer to click your candid moments together.

  • Get naughty

Men's G-string Underwear

Gift him something more personal and intimate. There are different underwear styles for men. Opt for men’s low rise g-string for him. They happen to be designed for special occasions which can raise the temperature of your bedroom. They also come in different see-through fabrics which add zest to the sexy moods.

Apart form the above innovative ideas, you can try one more thing. Take the day off from work, turn off the cell phone, stop checking your email, and just spend some quality time together. Try some of these tips to celebrate your life together!


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