10 Grooming Tips for men this Summer

The warmth of summer is an amazing experience after the frigid fall. It is an ideal time for all the men around to spruce up the wardrobe with attires that are more colorful and lively. However, what makes the season intimidating is the dirt and dust. This is the reason why self-grooming is a very aspect. Listed below are some of the grooming tips that can take your looks up a notch this summer.

Tips for men this Summer

1. Most men think that skin care regime is the to-do list of women. However, the pollution effects the skin of men equally. Face is exposed to the dust and sun rays most. So, it is necessary to cleanse your face twice a day. If your skin is dry, then, apply moisturizer with SPF 15. The arid air dehydrates the moisture of the skin. So, yourself and your skin hydrated.

Men Applying moisturizer

2. Make sure that you apply the sun block before heading outdoors. Sunscreen not only prevents the skin from tanning, but also protects it from the harmful UV rays. Apply it every 2 hours as the sweat wears it off.

3. Try to avoid shaving everyday during this season. The skin looses a lot of moisture during this season. Over-shaving may lead to peeling and flaky skin. Use an appropriate aftershave lotion after every shave. Try to avoid the ones with alcohol and go for the ones that have moisturizing effect.


4. Sweating is another prominent problem for the warm and humid weather. Getting rid of the excess body hair can help control perspiration. Shave off the hair of your chest, armpits and crotch area. These are the areas where you sweat the most.

Men Shave off the hair

5. Antiperspirant spray is other way to get rid of excessive sweat. Other than this, bathe more often and apply talcum powder in the area where you sweat more.

6. If you still can’t get rid of the nagging body odor, then, here’s what you can do. Vinegar can effectively control body smell. Apply vinegar with water in the conventional body parts that are prone to sweating. Make sure that solution is dry. Do not apply deodorant after using vinegar.

7. The heat leads to skin dullness. Keep up a healthy diet regime this season. Eat a lot of green vegetables, tomato, avacado, almond, pulse, yogurt, meat and other healthy things. Avoid the oily, deep-fried and junk food.


8. Get regular haircuts and keep them short during this season. Moreover, the season is marked with dry, unruly hair, dandruff and other scalp related issue. So, shampoo your hair twice a week. Cover the head and protect the hair from the chlorine water when you are going for any water adventure. You can even apply hair sunscreen lotion when you’re planning any beach outing.

9. Jock itch and fungal infections are some of the problems that every man face. Check the fabric of men’s underwear before buying it. Cotton, nylon and polyester blends are some of the good options. Any rash that is not clearing up should be seen by a dermatologist. Apply antiperspirant and sweat absorbing powder in the crotch area as well.


10. Underneath fashion is an important aspect of self-grooming. So, ensure that you wear the right style of undergarment. Men’s pouch bikini is an ideal option for this season. The apparel will enhance the visibility of your anatomy, thus, accentuating your front profile.  Follow the above-mentioned simple tips and put forward an impressive personality. Do you have any other grooming hack? Do share in the comment.


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