6 Basic but impressive etiquette for Men

“Etiquette is behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely important.” ~ Will Cuppy

Chivalry is not dead. The matter of fact is that people these days fail to understand the real meaning of the same. The very word chivalry and machismo are misunderstood by a dominating as well as controlling personality. Having the right set of manners is an essential aspect of having a charming as well as impressive personality. Being a classic man isn’t an easy task as there is a lot of aspect related to it. You can wear the best of the clothes and can still fail in leaving a successful first impression just because your etiquette isn’t strong enough. Here’s a few tips that can help you project your personality in the best light.


Tip 1

Manner is just a sensitive awareness of the feeling of others. Thus, it is important for you to mind your activities and the things you say. Your activity should not hurt the feeling of anyone around. Bullying and making fun of someone doesn’t make you cool. Treat everyone with politeness. Even if the person is being rude, you don’t have to be like him.

Tip 2

The way you speak contributes a lot to your overall personality. The man’s manner will have direct impact on your social and professional life. The first impression is really important and the way you talks as well as communication skills plays a very vital role. Be very clear about what you are saying. See right into the eyes of the person standing next to you. Along with this, a man should be a good listener. Give proper opportunity of talking to the person and carefully listen to everything.

Well Dressed Man

Tip 3

A well-dressed man can effortlessly win the heart of everyone around. To need to be in line with the current trend if you want to put up a class act. Gone are the days when the dressing of a man took the back seat. The modern trend has made it as important for the gentleman as it is for the ladies. Dressing according to the occasion is the first and foremost thing that you need to consider. You just can’t invite compliments in a casual attire at a formal event. Other than this, the way you carry your look is equally tricky. Choose the right set of accessories. Everything from the tie to the shoes should match the cloth. Along with the cloths, the undergarment is equally important. Choose the right pair of men’s underwear according to the event. Take care of the smallest things. For instance, avoid the visible seam line of the undergarment. You can try the seamless style of g-strings for men.

Tip 4

It is not just the attire that is important, but there are other aspect that projects an impressive etiquette of an individual. Any sort of odor can ruin the entire impression of an individual. Thus, wearing the right fragrance of men’s cologne that lasts long is important. Make sure that the perfume is not very strong. Use mouth freshener and things of this sort. Bathe well before your leave home. A gentleman who smells good is definitely a turn on.

Tip 5

As mentioned above, respecting the independence of a woman is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean that you have to forget the basic chivalry. The lady with you can be your wife, girlfriend, mother or just a good friend, pampering her is just a part of the gentlemanly behavior. Open the door of the car and pull the chair for her. This attitude will only be appreciated by everyone around.

Tip 6

No matter what, avoid being a foul mouth. Using curse words is fun when you’re with your friends. However, being harsh with your words is something that men should avoid. Your manner is the mirror of your own personality. There is no chance of projecting an impressive personality with foul mouth.

Hope this write up would have helped you in making the necessary wardrobe swaps and behavioral changes for being a true gentleman! Is there anything that we’ve missed? Do share with us in the comment section.


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