The only color guide you need for your wardrobe

It can get very tricky to choose the outfit from the closet. Things get worse when it comes to mix and match with the first clothing article you pick. For example, do you stand in front of the closet with your purple shirt in hand wondering what would best go with it? Likewise, there are numerous times when out of confusion, you make a wrong choice and have to bear the consequences later.

Color Board

If you too are confused about what to match with what and how to make the swaps this time, this is the ultimate guide for your easy selection and making you a master at it.

Keep it in the same category

Have you ever referred to the color wheel before? Who hasn’t, you might say. Going further – have you ever studied and implemented the color rules mentioned on the color wheel? Never heard of that before! If you take a closer look at the wheel, you’ll find the different colors and then there’ll be colors opposite to every family. You just have to stick with the families. For example, a pastel would always go with a pastel, a metallic with a metallic and more.

Go ombre


Have you heard of ombre? It was a trend that recently was introduced where women were dying their hair in half blonde and half some other color? They even used the pop colors like teal, pink, yellow and more. You too must do something like that. You can pick let’s say purple, now you can pick the different hues of the same family and wear it effortlessly. Make sure that you choose the right ones or you’ll look weird.

Decide the prints carefully

Printed Shirt

When you match the color codes of your outfit, you have to be very careful with the prints you choose (if any). Earlier in the month, I attended a closed group seminar where fashion accessories were being discussed. A man in thong came on stage with a matching printed tie. Everyone laughed out loud and then the person talking went on saying that if you really want to wear print with your solid, you can even do it with your men’s underwear. Because you never know how you team up the same on the outfits.

Go old school with neutral colors


The aim here is to stick with one color. Just like we mentioned that one print can be added at once to your solid outfit, you must also make sure that there’s one neutral color. It will add sophistication and subtlety to your personality.

Pick something that blends in with your complexion


Complexion plays a vital role when it comes to matching the outfit colors. You must be aware of what suits your skin tone and what does not. Hence, it’ll be feasible for you to take your personality into concern and bring forth the best of yourself by choosing colors that blend in well. However, if you really want to pep up going against your skin tone, you can always do it in your designer underwear.

Are you satisfied with this blog? We hope you find it easy to pick your clothes now effortlessly.

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