Do you believe in tighty whiteys? Now you should!!

We all have grown up wearing the men’s briefs what was back then referred to as the tighty whiteys. Do you differ from this? The most probable another half you would have worn would be the men’s boxer brief underwear. Talking about the tighty whiteys in specific, the men’s underwear style was the most popular in that time. However, the times changed and the newer styles came into the picture trying to grab the spot which the briefs had but failed.

2xist Performance Cotton 2Pk No Show Brief Blue/Grey

Even today, the designs have changed, cuts have been improvised, pouch options have been increased in number and the possibilities to make the style a better one, making it still the most favorite among men.

What makes you believe in the conventionally modern briefs? Find out the reasons below.

The level of comfort has been enhanced

The modern version that makes you fall in love with the conventional briefs is the enhanced level of comfort below the belt. While the earlier style was considered to be more of a constrictive design, today’s offerings understand that too much pushy fabric is not good for the manhood.

The traditional support persists

What does not change in the products offered back then and now is the consistent level of support that briefs provide? The basic motive of the style was to give you ample support while you move around or go to work every day. The aim is to keep everything together down there and that’s exactly what the modern pieces also provide.

Enhancement has been added to the list

The conventional tighty whiteys were not designed to give you visibility in the pants. However, now briefs come in a variety of pouch options from the wide ones that provide exceptional comfort, contouring ones that shape up the shaft to the ones that have outlined piping to lift the package and inbuilt c-rings to enhance the visibility for the better.

Have come up as a fashion symbol

While that was the only option men had back then and wasn’t even adored by the population for the same reason, now things have changed. You would find stars like David Beckham, Justin Bieber and others flaunting their love for briefs. Hence, you too have the option to choose the same.

If you are thinking what’s hot and what not, you can check out the online stores and find the most eye-appealing pieces for yourself.

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