Not in the mood while your partner is? – Tips to feel the same way

It is okay to not be in a mood sometimes. But what if your partner wants to make things sizzling in the bed? If you really want her to stay happy and in the mood, you have to turn yourself on and get down and dirty to set the night on fire.


If you are clueless about what to do in this situation and looking forward to finding solutions, you can always depend on the following ways to make things hot and happening between you two.

Look out for options that make you feel sexy


Watching a few sexy things has never done badly for anyone. You too have the option where you can ignite your feelings by indulging in something sexy. Watching something seductive would comfortably set you in the mood rather than pressurizing you as well as feel the pleasure without stress.

Spend time in the foreplay


We know that you are not in the mood but you can buck up with your partner in the foreplay. You can take this opportunity and let your partner take the command of the foreplay and be the submissive one. This way you’d get the feeling and the time to get into the mood.

Ask your partner to wear a sexy lingerie and you should to do the same


The idea of sexy underwear is exactly what lingerie for women have. They intend to make you look, feel and tempt the partner. You can suggest your partner wear something extremely sexy and you should wear men’s erotic underwear to feel the same. According to psychology, a man’s mind works in accordance to what is visible to him and a women’s when she’s able to touch. If your partner comes out in a skimpily clad lingerie and touches you the right way, things will fall into place.

Play sexual with your partner


Getting straight to the point won’t help you, beating around the bush would. You need to have some costume underwear and indulge doing role plays. This would help you get teased, tempted and tantalized by everything you both are doing and voila, you’ll turn on. This way, you’ll be able to feel close to each other and add zest in your relationship.

Food tasting with the blindfold on


Another couple game that is considered as an aphrodisiac for individuals. All you got to do is – blindfold each other (not at once, but one would be able to see), start feeding food items that are sexual simulators. You can feed berries, avocados, chocolate syrup and everything that they love. You can even pep up by being naughty and feeding a pepper when the chilly start to do its work, you can bend in and indulge in kissing.

Which way did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments below.



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