10 Grooming Tips for men this Summer

The warmth of summer is an amazing experience after the frigid fall. It is an ideal time for all the men around to spruce up the wardrobe with attires that are more colorful and lively. However, what makes the season intimidating is the dirt and dust. This is the reason why self-grooming is a very aspect. Listed below are some of the grooming tips that can take your looks up a notch this summer.

Tips for men this Summer

1. Most men think that skin care regime is the to-do list of women. However, the pollution effects the skin of men equally. Face is exposed to the dust and sun rays most. So, it is necessary to cleanse your face twice a day. If your skin is dry, then, apply moisturizer with SPF 15. The arid air dehydrates the moisture of the skin. So, yourself and your skin hydrated.

Men Applying moisturizer

2. Make sure that you apply the sun block before heading outdoors. Sunscreen not only prevents the skin from tanning, but also protects it from the harmful UV rays. Apply it every 2 hours as the sweat wears it off.

3. Try to avoid shaving everyday during this season. The skin looses a lot of moisture during this season. Over-shaving may lead to peeling and flaky skin. Use an appropriate aftershave lotion after every shave. Try to avoid the ones with alcohol and go for the ones that have moisturizing effect.


4. Sweating is another prominent problem for the warm and humid weather. Getting rid of the excess body hair can help control perspiration. Shave off the hair of your chest, armpits and crotch area. These are the areas where you sweat the most.

Men Shave off the hair

5. Antiperspirant spray is other way to get rid of excessive sweat. Other than this, bathe more often and apply talcum powder in the area where you sweat more.

6. If you still can’t get rid of the nagging body odor, then, here’s what you can do. Vinegar can effectively control body smell. Apply vinegar with water in the conventional body parts that are prone to sweating. Make sure that solution is dry. Do not apply deodorant after using vinegar.

7. The heat leads to skin dullness. Keep up a healthy diet regime this season. Eat a lot of green vegetables, tomato, avacado, almond, pulse, yogurt, meat and other healthy things. Avoid the oily, deep-fried and junk food.


8. Get regular haircuts and keep them short during this season. Moreover, the season is marked with dry, unruly hair, dandruff and other scalp related issue. So, shampoo your hair twice a week. Cover the head and protect the hair from the chlorine water when you are going for any water adventure. You can even apply hair sunscreen lotion when you’re planning any beach outing.

9. Jock itch and fungal infections are some of the problems that every man face. Check the fabric of men’s underwear before buying it. Cotton, nylon and polyester blends are some of the good options. Any rash that is not clearing up should be seen by a dermatologist. Apply antiperspirant and sweat absorbing powder in the crotch area as well.


10. Underneath fashion is an important aspect of self-grooming. So, ensure that you wear the right style of undergarment. Men’s pouch bikini is an ideal option for this season. The apparel will enhance the visibility of your anatomy, thus, accentuating your front profile.  Follow the above-mentioned simple tips and put forward an impressive personality. Do you have any other grooming hack? Do share in the comment.

What makes Men’s Underwear Comfortable?

Whatever you wear- from the outfits to the most basic of clothing articles, comfort is by far the most important aspect of whatever is counted. What do you think? Does your style matters more or the enhancement? Well, you wouldn’t agree more that comfort beats every other characteristic feature when it comes to your men’s underwear. After all, your dressing starts down there and if you aren’t comfortable throughout the day, things will definitely fall apart.

Well, if you take a closer look, comfort is not what one gets with a single correct feature. It is more like a wholly perspective that clubs together a number of things and results in how you feel down there.

Otzi Men's Thong Underwear

So, what are the features which make a pair of designer underwear comfortable?

  • Fabric

The fabric had to be the first on the list because that’s the sole feature that falls directly on your skin. It is like the good fabric is as smooth as butter whereas; bad fabric would be like pricks of cacti. Jokes apart, what you need down there might not be very sensual but it definitely has to be comfortable on the assets.

  • Fit

It is as simple as-if it doesn’t fit you right, you sign up for an uncomfortable situation throughout the day. Whether it is the bikini underwear or your mens thong pouch underwear, they must fit you well. A fit too loose or too tight can be a problematic situation for your masculinity. It would either slip its way to the end or you’d end up adjusting the pouch to help your assets breathe.

  • Pouch

Another essential aspect of every fashion underwear style is the kind of pouch they’re opting for. With such a wide variety of options available at Erogenos, you have a lot to choose from. Whether you opt for the snug fit pouch or no pouch at all, c-ring enhancement pouch or anatomical ones, the list is endless. Whatever, you may choose, make sure you feel comfortable in them.

With these basic features, you need to understand and choose your underneath fashion well.

How to Bring back the Spice in your Relationship?

Date nights are the perfect way to create the best moments of your life. Nothing matches with a splendid dinner at home with your partner. You get more space and privacy. Spending time together always results in a good quality marriage. Add a little fun to your regular life with spicy ideas that can always refresh your mind even after a heated argument. Below are some ideas that you can follow for the splendid night at home.

  • Celebrate with champagne


Grab a nice champagne from the stores to make the night special. Decorate them with plus glasses, room temperature spring water, and unsalted crackers. Celebrate your relationship so far which has been strong despite many hurdles.

  • Play some romantic songs

salsa moves

Create a playlist of songs that you and your bae love to listen together. Get closer with the romantic numbers on the list. If you are a person who loves the peppy numbers, then you can even make cool salsa moves with her.

  • Create the atmosphere at room


Perfumed candles can bring a splendid atmosphere to your bedroom. Nothing beats the scent of a heavenly candle with the hypnotic flickering of a flame on a cozy night. The heavenly fragrance can raise the eroticism for the night.

  • Get naughty

Men's G-string Underwear

To make the moment more erotic, try something naughty. Dress in an appealing way that can bring your partner more closer to you. The lace up G string for men is crafted in such a way that they give you a voluptuous look. This men’s underwear has more ability to bring the lost excitement in your life. Have fun with the mischievous underwear from many online stores like erogenous.com.

Try some of these tips to make your girl feel special and lucky to have you.

5 Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary Date

5 Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary Date  Time flies fast when loved ones happen to be with us. As the years pass by, anniversaries reminds us of the beautiful years together. Moreover, it ends up with a romantic candle light dinner. For a change, this time, opt for innovative ideas to celebrate the special day together. Below 5 exciting ways that can assist the love birds to paint the town red this anniversary.

  • Summon up the memories of first date

First Date

Pay a visit to the same coffee shop or ice cream parlor, where the first started dating officially started. Refresh the lovely flashbacks on how you made to the aisle. If you happen to be the college love birds, whence prefer calling the mutual friends to rejuvenate the golden memories.

  • Recreate the wedding night menu

Cooking With Partner

Think of recipes that existed on the wedding night. Recreate the same with your spouse. Cook together in the kitchen with delightful hugs and cuddling. For a clarity, you can also bake your wedding cake.

  • Watch the wedding video together

Watching Wedding Video Together

Refresh the special day with the wedding video. Turn on the wedding film and watch all the cute moments that you had during the special day. Moreover, you can also go through the wedding photo albums.

  • Have your own personal photo shoot

Personal Photo Shoot

Hire a professional photographer to picture the best moments of your life. Ask them to make a list of some of the beautiful places around town. Moreover, opt for places that hold special meaning, perhaps try visiting the church where you got married. Ask the photographer to click your candid moments together.

  • Get naughty

Men's G-string Underwear

Gift him something more personal and intimate. There are different underwear styles for men. Opt for men’s low rise g-string for him. They happen to be designed for special occasions which can raise the temperature of your bedroom. They also come in different see-through fabrics which add zest to the sexy moods.

Apart form the above innovative ideas, you can try one more thing. Take the day off from work, turn off the cell phone, stop checking your email, and just spend some quality time together. Try some of these tips to celebrate your life together!

Keep it Up with Cock Ring Underwear

C-ring or Cock ring is the recent innovation in men’s underwear industry. The cock ring underwear features a ring like structure made of elastic and soft fabric. The ring hugs the base of the package of the wearer, thus, slowing down the flow of blood.

Good Devil Cock Ring

The erotic brand, Good Devil, provides an assortment of c-ring undies for men and their wild fantasies. The Good Devil Edge Cock Ring is one of the product that you need to watch out for. The fabric blend includes 90% nylon and 10% spandex. You need not worry about the quality of the material you are using down there. At the same time, the spandex adds to the flexibility. Wear it at your date nights and take your intimacy to the next level. The c-ring is available in multiple colors. You can choose the one that suits your personality.

Delve into the erotic styles of underwear, available at erogenos.com and find your ways to tease your partner.

Lace Underwear Lessons every Man must Learn

If you go through the statistics, every one man in five wears the wrong sized men’s underwear. That’s a lot because, with so many articles and awareness about what the wrong size could do to their manhood, it still is going on. Well, one of the purposes of online shopping is also to let men wear their accurate sized pairs with the size chart mentioned with every product.

Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer White Lace

Well, that’s just about the size!! However, there are other aspects in lace underwear that every man must be careful about. Here are some lessons worth learning to keep it fashionably functional below the belt.

  • It should be for yourself before it becomes something for your partner

Yes! What generally happens is that we buy clothes to look appealing in our partner’s eyes rather than look the same in our eyes. Hence, it should be like- you should fall in love with yourself before you make her fall in love with what you’re wearing down there for her. Like all your outfits, if you decide to wear them just for yourself, they become more comfortable and more flattering, because all one really needs is self-confidence for even the sultriest of styles.

  • Keep it subtle

Lace is supposed to a fabric that doesn’t speak too loud! It aims are keeping everything perfect even when it is available in the sober colors. Being peppy is nothing wrong but keeping it subtle makes your manhood look more masculine. Probably that’s the reason why at Erogenos, lace pieces are not available in the bright yellows or orange shades.

  • Coordinate with your outfit

Coordination is a must-do when it comes to teaming up your outfits with your designer underwear. It actually feels very organized and supported when you know that nothing will go wrong in your apparel styles. Just like you match your shoes with the belt, intimate wear with outfits must be matched.

  • Go beyond the conventional

Who said anything about ditching your conventional boxers or briefs? We’re just asking you to take a step forward by considering styles that are sexier and more appealing. Whether you want to opt for bikini underwear or men’s jockstraps or even g-string underwear crafted in delectable lace, you’ll find them online.

  • There’s no harm in revealing

You can always reveal if you feel like. Why would revealing always be a genre for women when men can also do the same? Go and show it off subtly with the respective fabrics.

With the lessons, you are ready to slip into the soft and pampering lace underwear.

Changing Preference among Men in terms of Underneath Fashion

The changing trends in fashion and apparels have brought about a significant change in the way men look at their dressing and wardrobe. This change in preference has also brought a significant shift in the way men look at their undergarments. From the days of black, white and Grey boxers the modern male fashion industry has a wide range to offer in terms of both type and color.

Cover Male Intimate Cheeky Brief Red

The underneath fashion for men has seen following changes.

1. Men are now opening themselves to the thought of experimenting with their undergarments. The revealing and erotic aspects which were used to be associated with the female lingerie section have now traversed themselves on to the manly arena. Silk and sheer are now not only found in the female wardrobe but are also filling the stocks in men’s section. The male population are now ready to explore every aspect of fashion.

2. This opening up or so called kind of Renaissance has given the male audience a confidence to opt for these erotic options in the undergarment section. G-string, thongs, sheer underwear, bikini today has a wider male audience as compared to the female. G-string has an interesting incident associated with them too. A famous international footballer once revealed that how badly he loved his wife’s G-string and wanted the same in men’s section. His wish and desire might not have been fulfilled at that time, however, today he can opt for the one with ease.

3. The changing trend in men’s underwear choices has bought along with them a scope for some real business. A large number of websites have proliferated in past 5 to 6 years. These websites have found an attractive and potential audience among men who are looking to open up. Websites like Erogenos are trending in the male undergarment market. With a wide range and variety to offer, these websites allow you a chance to latch on your choices and preferences that too from the comfort of your home.

Thus, we can conclude by highlighting the fact that these changing trends in men’s undergarment preference have now found an avenue in these websites.

Dress to the Nines with the Costume Underwear

The costume underwear for men is the latest update in the men’s underneath fashion industry. The erotic underwear is an ideal way to dress to kill at the special occasion like date nights. Whether the idea is to get naughty with your partner or you need to get rid of the monotony of your life, the novelty underwear can prove to be a versatile option for you.

Miami Jock Sagacious Boxer Trunk Royal Blue

Miami Jock Sagacious Boxer Trunk Royal Blue is one of the underneath article that can tease and tantalize your partner, no matter the occasion. The underwear for men features contoured front pouch that holds the entire package together. The pouch finds the support from the suspender that goes over the shoulder of the wearer. The rest part of the underneath article is made of mesh fabric that allows partial visibility. The high quality fabric composition includes 40.48% Nylon 46.48% Polyester 13.04% Spandex. The blend ensures comfort, stretch as well as support all at the same time.

This is one clothing option for men that will be appreciated by all. The online store of Erogenos.com, offer the costume in various other colors. So, check out the collection and find your style at affordable prices.

Men’s Personalities that Women Don’t Like

You might have numerous qualities that make you a man that she would fall for but there are few things that turn off women instantly. You might already be in a relationship with her and your bond is going just fine, but there’ll be a moment when she goes cold and doesn’t seem to come out of it.

This means there’s something that you’ve done that pinched her so bad that she couldn’t resist but notice it.

Men’s Personalities that Women Don’t Like

What are those characteristic traits? Let us look at the men’s personalities that women don’t like.

  • Insecure ones: This is the first and the scariest types that women stay away from. Whether he’s insecure about himself or for you, this can be a huge turn-off for women. Well, a little insecure is okay when you’re uncertain about new things but once you’re all set to go, this can be a big barrier between you and your partner. This happens because you never know when your insecurity becomes an obsession and hamper your lives.


  • Poky ones: When you are a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you own the other person. Every individual needs some personal space to breathe and have their own time. Women hate men who are poky all the time. Women love to tell things to their partners in time, neither before that nor after that. Hence, being poky won’t serve you any good, it would affect adversely on you both.


  • Unhygienic ones: Oh yes! Men can be really unhygienic when it comes to bathing or changing clothes. They’ll keep wearing the same pair of jockstrap for men or any other style of men’s underwear day after day even knowing that it is not good for health. This being only an example, there are other ways with which unhygienic habits turn off women.


  • Boring ones: Women love humorous men who can crack a joke on which other can share a laugh on. When you are an introvert and to top it off with being boring, nothing can be a disastrous combination. Even I have who are introverts but are not boring at all and I don’t even mean that nerds are boring but men who are boring have their specialties that women don’t like.


  • Touchy ones: You might not know that you lie in this category but men who are way too touchy and fidgety can be very irritating to women. Being sensual and touchy is a different feeling but being fidgety and touchy on a different level is something completely different.

Well, there might be other personality traits that women don’t like, if you have any do let us know here.

Men’s Underwear styles by Miami Jock

If you have ever been in need of something that speaks volumes about your inner self, Miami Jock has been a dedicated men’s underwear brand that provides you with the best options. Innovative, creative, supportive, comfortable, and intense by nature are the characteristics that describe the products well. Ever since the label was introduced in the industry, it has been a one stop destination for all its exotic underneath fashion options.

Miami Jock features a gamut of men’s underwear at Erogenos. They’re mentioned below:

1. Miami Jock jockstraps: Being one the bestseller assortments of Miami Jock, the products in the men’s jockstrap underwear category keep the masculinity front and forward. A delectable combination of sex appeal, support and eroticism, you’d find something of your taste in the collection. Fashionable or functional, the label has got you covered.


2. Miami Jock briefs: Conventionally modified version of the tighty whiteys, the category of men’s brief underwear by the brand has a lot of twists. Open pouches, shaping pouches, inbuilt c-rings, shiny texture and a lot more options are available in the catalog.

Miami Jock briefs

3. Miami Jock thongs: When you have no words but your underclothing article does the talking, the collection of men’s thong underwear by Miami Jock is something like that. Designed with the conventional pattern in mind, the pouches are the attention grabber. Whether you want to lay it all out on the table or partially hide for building up the temptation, it is all there at Erogenos.


4. Miami Jock boxer briefs: Picking a conventional style and giving them a makeover is what the label does. The boxer briefs by the brand are also something like this. With the shiny appeal and short length, the pouch is what does the talking here.


5. Miami Jock costumes: Another bestseller category, men’s costume underwear by the label are playful and naughty. You can choose from the crazy costumes like Waiter, Inmate, Police, Dracula, Pirate and much more.

Miami Jock costumes

Check them all out at erogenos.com.